N.D. Grover

N.D. Grover

Karmyogi Sri N.D. Grover
(15th Nov 1923 – 6th Feb 2008)

Mahatma Narayan Das Grover was born on 15th November 1923 at Isakhel in Pakistan. Having obtained master degree in Chemistry from Punjab University, he joined as lecturer in D.A.V. College, Lahore in 1945. After partition he resumed his service in DAV College, Ambala City and served there till 1986. He had the proud privilege to be founder Principal of D.A.V. College, Abohar, Distt. – Firozepur, Punjab. During his tenure, 1960 to 1977, he established several educational institutions in its campus.

He served as principal of Dayanand Post Graduate College, Hissar (Haryana) from 1977 to 1982. He adopted the life membership of DAV Society, the rare one given to only dedicated soul of Arya Samaj, in 1957. He also served as Vice-President of DAVCMC, New Delhi.

N.D. Grover
Sri N.D. Grover being greeted

He was given a Herculean task to establish the chain of DAV’S in Estern India in 1982. It was his sheet grit, undaunted courage, untiring zeal, non-exhaustible energy and farsighted vision that today more than 200 DAV educational institutions are running in collaboration with various public and private undertaking along with the schools directly managed by DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi.

Deeply influenced by Gandhiji in thought and philosophy, he led an exemplary austere and simple life with a sole motto to spread the light of education in every nook and corner of the region wherever he worked. To accomplish his dream he moved from place to place and established schools and colleges in Punjab, Haryana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, M.P., Orissa and West Bengal. He was lovingly called ‘Jholewala Baba’ and reverently ‘Karmyogi’.

He was not only an inventive educationist but also a social reformer, who strived throughout his life to uplift the standard of the poor and destitute. He stretched his helping hand to all those needy who came in his contact. This ‘Jholewala Baba’ showered his fatherly affection on the children who lost their parents in the super cyclone of Orissa by establishing an orphanage named ‘Vedic Bal Ashram’. He started “SANKALP SARV SHIKSHA’ centres for eradication of illiteracy amongst the poor and needy. He organized “Free Eye Camps” every year for Adivasies and founded ‘SWAMI DAYANAND NETRALAYA’ in Khunti, Jharkhand where advasies get free treatment and medicines.

N.D. Grover
Sri N.D. Grover giving some thoughts

This true Karmyogi foresaw the pivotal role which women can play in the 21st Century and worked for the empowerment of women by dispelling the darkness from their lives through the torch of education. He promoted ‘Women Education’ especially in Adivasi Rural Areas. He worked on self dependence of women and initiated ‘Vocational Treaining’ for them to ‘Learn and Earn’.

He was a great teacher who by his intuitive acumen and deep sense of duty left an everlasting imprint in the minds of intellectuals and instilled the lesson of moral character in his pupils. He was a committed worker of Arya Samaj, true follower of Maharshi Dayanand and above all, embodiment of selfless service, free from all narrowness, truthful in thought and fearless in action.

He left for his heavenly abode on 6th February 2008 at Chandigarh after a brief illness. It was the end of an epoch-a memorable epoch the has bequeathed an undying legacy to posterity to wonder whether such a man has moved in flesh and blood on this earth.

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